Great Sports Parenting (5-11year olds)

This workshop is aimed at  parents with children 5-11 years old and those coaches, teachers and volunteers working with this age group. 

The workshop will be delivered by Gordon MacLelland (founder of WWPIS). Working with Parents in Sport supports parents and coaches in working together to provide children with the best possible sporting experiences.

WWPIS deliver a huge amount of authentic content, designed to help parents make more informed decisions about their children’s sporting careers. They also aim to support coaches as they navigate the complexities of working alongside today’s sporting parents. Gordon as a speaker brings a wealth of experience from working with organisations, coaches and parents gathered through 20 years as a teacher and coach as well as a parent currently involved in children’s sport.

This workshop will take place at Newforge Country Club on the 6th October, starting at 1:00pm until 2.30pm

Workshop will include:

Keeping things in perspective

Sporting Journey

Early v Late Developers

Focussing on character traits

Building confidence

Managing Failure

FInding the right sport and coaching

Sideline Support

The Car Journey Home

and a few more.....parents provided with tips and strategies to use on a regular basis.


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